MASTA Travel Clinic

We are pleased to announce the opening of a MASTA travel clinic at Abbey Health Centre in Arbroath. Our aim is to provide comprehensive independent private travel health advice on anti-malarials, vaccinations and disease prevention for the public travelling abroad.

We hold clinics every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4.45 - 6.15pm.  We can offer appointments outwith these times by contacting the clinic on 01241 878645 or .

MASTA Travel Clinics are the largest and most successful network of private travel clinics in the UK. There are 39 clinics UK wide with over 200,000 registered travellers. Their website can be found at .

What can we offer?

“One stop” clinic with comprehensive range of services including advice, vaccines, medical travel accessories and blood tests.

Up to date travel advice

Detailed travel brief including travel advice encompassing all the countries visited

Ability to deal with complex or exotic travel itineraries

Quick and convenient access, ideal for last minute travellers

Competitive pricing on vaccines and antimalarials

Vaccines on offer include Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Yellow fever, Japanese B encephalitis, Tick borne encephalitis and Rabies