Dr Ching-wa Chung joined the practice in 1998.  He graduated in Edinburgh (1993). 

Dr Alistair J. Acheson joined the practice in 2000.  He graduated in Belfast (1983).

Dr Daphne Ross joined the practice in 2009. She graduated in Dundee (2000).

Dr Iain Proctor joined the practice in 2015.  He graduated in Belfast (1988).

Dr Morag C Ward joined the practice in 2017. She graduated in Dundee(1984).


Sheona Ballantyne joined the practice in 2018. She graduated in Lancaster(2010).

She is a highly skilled ANP and can see patients with:

Wounds, scalds, burns, rashes

Acute back pain, joint sprains


Thrush in mouth

Acute chest infection

Dizziness, giddiness, unusual headache

Conjunctivitis, sticky discharging eye, sty

Diarrhoea, constipation, piles


Urine infections, cystitis

Vaginal thrush soreness, lump or discharge

Tonsillitis, earache, cough, swollen glands, sinus infections, sore throat, colds and flu-like illnesses, raised temperature that shows no improvement after one week of pharmacists advice and home treatment.

Please note: a cough may persist up to three or four weeks after other cold/flu symptoms have gone.

ANPs also manage flare ups of many long term conditions such as asthma, eczema, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, epilepsy and lung disease.

There are also many other problems that the Nurse Practitioners are able to help you with. For example period problems, unexplained weight loss, breast lumps, sexual health advice, change of contraception pill or method.

Some patients, often those with complex and long-standing medical problems, may need an appointment with a doctor. The ANP is able to assess the situation and will organise initial blood test and other investigations prior to arranging a follow up appointment with your GP.

We hope that you will find this new service will complement and improve the care you already receive, but please be assured that a doctors appointment will always be available should you prefer.


Elaine Summers    Practice Manager

Our Practice Manager, Elaine leads a highly trained and motivated administration team.  Their endeavour is to ensure the smooth running of the practice at all times. If however, you have any problems or are unhappy with the service you receive then please contact Elaine on Arbroath (01241) 872692.



Heather Cruickshank EN, SRN, Dip Asthma, NP

Brenda Wade RN, Dip N Ed, BN, Dip COPD

We have two highly skilled Practice Nurses who offer a wide range of services.  They are available by appointment in the surgery (tel: 01241 872692), Monday to Friday between 8:30am ā€“ 12:30pm and 1pm - 6.00pm. Among the services provided are:

Asthma Checks                 

Cervical Smears

Routine Immunisation (incl. overseas travel)

Diabetes Checks

Advice on diet and weight reduction

Heart Disease Checks

Blood Pressure checks

Health Promotion

COPD Checks

Well Person Checks covering blood pressure, smoking, smoking, diet, excercise, alcohol etc

Dressings and removal of stitches  

The following are available at the request of your doctor:

Ear Syringe, ECG (Heart Tracing), Cryotherapy, Hearing Test


Shona Kemp, our Health Care Assistant will perform phlebotomy (blood tests), blood pressure and urine checks.  To make an appointment telephone (01241) 872692.


Elaine Summers              Practice Manager

Emma Galloway              Office Manager

Lorna Kydd                     Senior Administrator


Carol Marshall

Angela Moseley

Vicky Milne

Linda Kydd

Christine McGurk

Medical Secretary:

Stephanie Donachie


Tracy Graczyk

Diane Herdman

Kayleigh Stewart

Catriona Evans

Lynsey Mcintosh

Gillian Vincent


District Nurses provide care to patients who are housebound. We have a skilled team of District Nurses who provide care for patients of all ages.  In the community, arrangements for care at home are usually made by the doctors or on discharge from the hospital but should you wish to contact the nurse yourself, telephone

(01241) 430303.


Anna Mullen

Lauren Griffiths

Louise Smyth                                                                                                       

Health Visitors are registered general nurses and midwifes who may have family planning qualifications and have specialised in community health care.  They can give information and help to the whole age range but particularly to expectant mothers, families with young children under 5, teenagers and the elderly.  They can be contacted by telephoning (01241) 430303.


Advice available at certain times, details from main reception, telephone (01241) 430303.


Jo Adam

The Practice Pharmacist provides advice regarding the use of medicines within the practice to the GPā€™s and nursing staff.